Unbreakable Airtight Storage Containers (1100ml-Black-6)


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  • The package includes 1100 ml containers. Notably, their capacity is measured with water, but the actual filling capacity may vary depending on the size or type of grains you plan to store.These space-saving containers offer a practical solution for storage. Furthermore, you can easily stack them to optimize your storage space. However, it’s essential to point out that they are not airtight.

    One remarkable feature of these containers is their intelligent design, allowing for clear visibility of the contents. This simple yet invaluable aspect is a real lifesaver for individuals looking to efficiently organize their pantry. Additionally, these food containers boast exceptional ease of cleaning.

    They are crafted from BPA-free Certified Food Grade Material, ensuring your safety. Moreover, we guarantee 100% quality in every container.

    In terms of maintenance, they are not dishwasher safe on the top rack and can be safely stored in the freezer. These versatile containers are suitable for storing various items, such as cereal, snacks, flour, nuts, sugar, coffee, tea, dry pet food, or any other items you may need to store.


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